About Us

Here you will get an insight into why we started this company and what we hope to achieve with our valued customers! 

From a very young age Seamoss has been part of my family diet. Growing up in the Nature Isle of Dominica our diet consisted of mainly fantastic plants provided by mother nature. I moved to the UK 7 years ago and without realizing my diet changed completely. I of course adapted to the British diet which often included fast/convenience foods. I ate  more junk food instead of fruits and more meats instead of Vegetables. As the years went on my health deteriorated. I had low energy and I caught viruses and colds much easier than before. I then developed psoriasis on my face and body. My mental and emotional health was suffering and couldn't understand why any of these was happening. 

With my health on the line my gracious, loving mum exported me seamoss. Following in her mother's foot steps who had all sweared by this sea vegetable. I used it everyday making it part of my diet and using it as a body scrub, within a month I felt the difference. I was energetic, happy, Lively and positive. My psoriasis faded. I was amazed. I tried all sorts of moisturizes,oils-Nothing worked. Today Seamoss has continued to be part of my diet and I can now say with complete conviction-I no longer suffer with any health or skin conditions.

Ever since then I regularly imports seamoss from my neighbouring countries as I know they are 100% real and highest possible quality.

 With the Covid-19 pandemic a catastrophic situation. I have decided to let more people know about the benefits of this sea vegetable and how it can help us to improve our immune system. We are at a fragile state where now we need to do all we can to be strong and able to fight whatever diseases, viruses and sickness life throws at us. Prevention is better than cure but nothing beats trying.

Seamoss hasn't alway been widely known but due to recent scientific research, it has become mainstream and so it has become more accessible through the promotion of high profile media influencers such as Kim Kardashian. However there are many companies out there who sells fake Seamoss. 

It is our duty that our customers receive the real granted highest quality products. 

At Tropical Seamoss we use the Gold organic seamoss harvest from the Caribbean sea.

I believe that this super food should be consumed and be part of everyone's diet, As this sea veggie contains 90%of our vitamins and minerals.

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